Ideas For Essays

Ideas For Essays

By Corinne Tzairi

Descriptive Essays (Module C)

  1. Select a plant-based food and describe it. What are its health benefits and downsides? Where is this food popular around the world? What kind of dishes can be made of it?

  1. Select your favorite animal in the world and describe it. You can write about its physical features, natural environment and common behavioral characteristics. Is this animal dangerous to humans? Are humans dangerous to this animal?

Opinions Essays (Module G)

  1. Some people say that animals are here on this planet for humans to use. They claim that as long as harming animals helps humanity, it is justified. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your opinion and give examples.

  1. According to the UN, the meat industry is one of the largest contributors to the pollution of planet Earth. How in your opinion can we help reduce this pollution? Do you think governments should interfere with the public’s choices of food in order to fight pollution?


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